1. Notes

Computer Studies

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Form 1
Form 2 Form 3
Form 4

1. Introduction to computer

2. Computer System

3. Central Processing Unit

5. Power and Interface cables

6. Computer software


Practical Exercises



1. Word Processing

2. Spreadsheet

3. Desktop   Publishing

4. Database

5. Internet and E-mail

6. Data Security and Control

Practical Exercises

Word processing



1. Data Representation 

2. Data Processing

3. Elementary Programming

4. System Development

Comp software

1. Networking and Data communication

2. Application areas of ICT

3. Impact of ICT

4.Career Opportunities in ICT



Revision materials

KCSE upto 2013- PP1(THEORY) 

PP1-Revision Booklet 

  Topical PP1Revision Questions(F1-F4)

2010 PP1Mocks

PP1 Section B Questions

PAST MOCKS & KCSE PP2 (Practical)













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