The scout movement in Mwangaza Secondary school was established in the year 2010.The age division of the scout is Mwamba which ranges from age 16-18 years.Scouting in Mwangaza Secondary School is a co-educational programme,open to both boys and girls. The current patron is Ms. Muathe

The main programs under scout movement include:hospital visits, blood donations, helping the aged, planting trees, adult literacy campaings, first aid training,building schools and homes for the aged and needy among other humanitarian works.

Mwangaza secondary scout movemement has been involved in the following activities in the past:planting of trees in our school compound, donating blood,visiting childrens home and camping in various parts of Kenya where scouts are trained on various life skills.

The scout movement has planned the following activities for the year 2016;planting trees,camping at Rowallans,hospital visitation,childrens home visitation and mentoring of students.


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The Boat ride

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Our Mission: To be the pride of Mwangaza Secondary school in academic excellence

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